Really old one... started originally in 1993 with Deluxe Paint 2e under DOS (pirated), then enhanced a bit in Photoshop 2.5.1 (pirated) under windows 3.1 (pirated).

Then in 2005 opened up under Photoshop 7 (pirated), duplicated, imported back into Deluxe Paint 2e. This is just 256 colors, BTW.

So is it 2005 then? Dunno maybe later. Checked the file date - January 12, 2006.

So when is Deluxe Paint being ported to Windows? LOL. Never.

And another...

More recent version. VERY VERY scattered. Oh, well, it mirrors my mind, doesn't it.

Not sure I want to work on this one anymore. Too much history, too much water under the bridge. Too thirsty too thirsty.
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Rather old actually... Just decided to put it up here, maybe someone is interested..

How's that for not posting in 2 years?? LOL. :)